Live streaming, which refers to content delivered live over the Internet, requires a camera for the media, an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher, and a content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content.


The audio stream is compressed using an audio codec such as MP3, Vorbis or AAC.
The video stream is compressed using a video codec such as H.264 or VP8.
Encoded audio and video streams are assembled in a container bitstream such as MP4, FLV, WebM, ASF or ISMA.

The bitstream is delivered from a streaming server to a streaming client using a transport protocol, such as MMS or RTP. Newer technologies such as HLS, Microsoft's Smooth Streaming, Adobe's HDS and finally MPEG-DASH have emerged to enable adaptive bitrate streaming over HTTP as an alternative to using proprietary transport protocols.

The streaming client may interact with the streaming server using a control protocol, such as MMS or RTSP.

Cable2Sat is a home to HD Broadcasting over the air solutions

Table 2. Projects on the queue

Project Project  1 Project 2 Project 3
Name Giraffe Ocean View Palace Hotel Kibo Palace Hotel
Rooms 86 60 90
IPTV v v v
VOD v v v


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The primary object in digital world is digitizer and this case a very High Definition (HD) Camera to capture the events and decode them into movie

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Site requirement

If one want to implement the IPTV onsite requires the following.

Once the above is in place then, you enjoy any of the IPTV services and including VOD to your clients and if integrated with the hotel management software guests can easily check their account statement/bills, pay the bills, check out from the inroom television set.

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